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3 Main Ways to Work with me


I do the task of building your website

We’ll chat about what you need now vs the future and then I’ll build your website. This will be one less task on your busy plate of being a business owner.

We chat, I design, you approve, it goes live. 


You build your website in 10 weeks with me.

Attend my ‘Launch your website & brand in 10 weeks’ course. Where I provide step by step pre-recorded training every week, plus live Q&A alongside a small group of business owners doing the same as you.

You won’t be on your own.


Ask your questions and get direct answers.

You may already have a website or not, but you have a very specific set of questions .. so why not get direct answers to your questions.

Answer: get a power hour consultation.

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Be online with a
wordpress website

WordPress Design, Build & Education

Why do we choose WordPress?

I design only for WordPress, I choose this platform as its incredible versatile and open source. This means that many people design and develop for this platform, so anything from blogs to shops, booking forms, directories .. practically any website functionality can be made using WordPress as its core platform.

Be unique online

WordPress is amazing because there are so many different ways it can look IF you take the time to design it well. Otherwise it can all look very alike. I don’t use templates very often or if I do, its for very rapid builds which then get personalised. So don’t be like everyone else, make sure your business stands out and has its own voice and style.

Work Smarter

Automation, let your tech systems do the hard work .. why duplicate all your efforts when your website can do so much of it for you? Also be educated, know what you’re doing and do it with purpose.

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and let’s
.. make an impact

Branding, Graphics & Photography

Logos and branding

A single logo makes you recognisable, but a brand is so much richer. The simplest logo of your name in a fancy font is a great start, but choose your font based on its association of luxury, add colours to elicit an emotion along with sybmology and you’re onto a winner brand, that you ideal client instantly feels an affinity to because its speaks to them. 

Marketing graphics

In this world of photoshop, canva, affinity designer .. we can make consistent graphics to tell your story and promote your products and services. Don’t be random, be consistent and your message will be recognised as your voice online. 


We trust who we can see, so if you’re not visible in your business you’re missing one of the instant trust factors people will have for your business. Who are you?

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Let’s discover

how your future looks online.

1. You have a business idea or concept.


2. You need design & tech help.

3. You hire me, we design & build it.

4. You launch your new website & designs.

5. You love the life you've created.

What I write

thoughts, lessons and guidance on.

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Be bold in business and in life

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made you look!


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I’m available for


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that’s how I want my clients to feel.


Cathie is brilliant at what she does and I fully recommend her services regarding website design and training on WordPress. From our initial meeting to discuss options for my business website through to spending the day with her to build the site, her explanations and professional manner were faultless. Her 2 week after-care package has also been a lifesaver; she is always quick to respond and all issues are resolved immediately. I’m sure I will be hiring Cathie to advance my website as my business grows in the near future.

Linda Rodgers


Really happy with Cathie’s service! I ordered a brand logo and banners service for my brand new company and I’m really happy with results. Very professional and quick turnaround, I do not hesitate to recommend her service to everyone who needs a designer to create their brand! Thank you!

Slavomir Kondratovic


Cathie’s WordPress training session was delivered in a very clear and highly informative way and she had boundless patience for going over anything which I didn’t at first grasp. Her promised follow-up action to the session was swift and she emailed over everything I needed within just a few hours following the session. I now feel more confident in working on a WordPress website and would happily recommend Cathie’s training service.

Francesca Gannon

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