5 person offer – do a website launch with me in 2 days

Monday, 18th May 2020

I am launching a Covid19 offer, to help 5 people get their business websites up and running within 2 days! Yup, that’s right, within a 48-hour window of time I plan to make you a clean text-based logo that makes you immediately recognised, create a WordPress website that shares what you do. What’s more, this is 50% discount from my price, and includes that text-based logo as a freebie to help make sure you stand out!

This is perfect for service based businesses, where your customers want to know who you are, where you work from, how to contact you, what your prices start from and what your services are. Why would you customer choose you to work with?

People visiting websites don’t want to have to critically think in order to discern what they want to know. So taking that advice this is what you’ll get if you choose to work with me for two days to launch your website:

You’ll have simple clean text logo.

WebsiteLaunch2DayBuildOffer LogoSample

A 5 page website that covers the Home , About , Services, Blog & Contact Pages.

You’ll have in person training to use both WordPress and Divi to be able to add content and edit content on your website.

Each site be created to fit you and your needs.

The website will be developed on my servers and transfered onto your site to go live by the end of day 2.

Check out the full offer and fill in the form to be in touch about launching your website fast.

Launch your website in 2 days - a Covid19 50% discount offer.

(click the above photo to go to the full offer)

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