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A friendly powerhouse of a logo for a feminine confidence coach.
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Claire Brummel is an amazing coach helping corporate and business women accept their feminine sides in the masculine world of their work. While at a conference Claire got in touch and asked for help branding a new business she was talking about at the conference. 

This logo and business name is not longer being used, it was a sad parting for her to leave this behind but the right move in growing her business. 

That said, this has to have been one of the fastest brand processes at that time, within 48 hours we had refined from the first concept right through to final design. All the time she was at her weekend conference she kept asking for advice from the attendees of what they thought .. this was real world instantaneous potential client feedback. It also helped put her business on the map with this interaction and direct involvement in her brand.

Anyone that knows Claire, knows she loves pink, sparkles and her shoes. So this brand fit her perfectly. 


This was a brand logo only project, meaning the logo you see below is the only delivered work. 

This project went through a very rapid refinement process, have a look below to see how it developed.

THD BrandingLogo FeminineFirst Rev1

Claire & her audience loved the left concept best with Feminine being the shape of a shoe.

THD BrandingLogo FeminineFirst Rev2

Second revision was to use a different font for the heal.

THD BrandingLogo FeminineFirst Rev3

Third and final revision (to the final logo) was to move the ‘st’ up so it became part of the bridge of the shoe. 

I love my clients testimonial.

Testimonial from Claire

– Claire Brummell.


THD BrandingLogo FeminineFirst

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