LFest 2018
Services Used: Graphic Design
THD Portfolio LFest2018
Cindy Edwards is a multi-business and charity owner, running many events through the year. The highlights this year were a weeks holiday in Spain, an Olivia Cruise and also the main event of the L Fest festival having its first year in Llandudno, Wales.

After a visit to Llandudno town I took inspiration from the seaside view and made a vibrant beach theme, because from on the grounds of the festival you look out over the bay and the seaside. 

All these designs were so fun to make, with quite a loose design spec with some sample images, Cindy allowed me to create and then we worked refined that vision into what you see. 

We made Posters, Social Media Covers, Wristbands, T-Shirts, Banners and a 18 page brochure of festival artists with their intros.

This was a graphic design only project, meaning the designs you see below are the only delivered work.
LFest2018 Wristband
LFest2018 Del Mar Wristband 300mm 100 WEB

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