Yes! You want a website and that’s what we do!

.. well that and a few other things too. 

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Website Design

Websites can be technical, so to help you figure stuff out, here is an eBook I’ve written explaining the basics of websites and WordPress.

If I had to start from scratch all over again, this would be the foundation I’d want to know about websites. So .. I wrote it for you.

Grab the ebook I wrote for you:

Websites – the foundation basics.

So now you’ve got some key essentials under your belt from our eBook on Website Basics, here’s our WordPress services.

WordPress.COM Service

You do not need a hosting account.

This is where WordPress themselves do the hosting as a done for you service, you don’t worry about the background tech or hosting. But. You pay more, for more flexibility, as you grow.

Starter Website

This is for a simple low tech website done with This is to help you buy your domain, setup a professional email, organise your account and create up to 4 pages of content on your website. This is a one day service, for a starter website in a day.

Get a quote » Starts from £250

Starter Plus Website

This is the same service as above but with a second day of work and more graphic design elements, styling and content added. Up to a 6 page design.

Get a quote » Starts from £400

WordPress.ORG Self Hosted

You do need a hosting space, I highly recommend Siteground.

This is the ‘world is your oyster’ website level, where it can grow to what ever your needs are.  But. You need to learn some stuffs, like hosting, website security and backing up your site.

Single Page Website Design

This is for a single page wordpress website, with no bespoke functionality added.

Our standard service includes:

  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Backup System
  • Live development on our staging server.

Get a quote » Starts from £600

Full Website Design
During the consultation we will discuss in detail what you want your customers to know about you, your services, what kind of things they’ll be able to do via the website and what functionality you also require your website to work with: eg. newsletters.

Our standard service includes:

  • WordPress self hosted platform
  • Divi Theme
  • Bespoke Divi Styling
  • WordPress Security
  • WordPress Backup System
  • Live development on our staging server.
  • 2 week post launch support

Get a quote » Starts from £800

The Heart’s Design

You get a great website AND you can
superpower your business with marketing design.

(in otherwords use creative branding as a recognisable superpower, with WordPress to drive your business website, and my coaching to stand out and be great online, using photography to be ‘in’ your business and graphic design to tie it all together).




logo Mark Design

This is a graphic logo for your business. One simple graphic, no extras of fonts, textures etc.

Get a quote » Starts from £100

Branding Package

This is a full brand identity kit to market your business with and includes:

  • Singular or Multiple Component Logo
  • Responsive design, meaning it works on a postage stamp or the side of a building. 
  • Typography
  • Colours & Textures
  • Business Stationery
  • Social Media Covers
  • Social Media Avatars
  • Style Guide

Get a quote » Starts from £500



Social Media Covers

You need a consistent branded look across your social media, we do Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & LinkedIn as standard, additional covers can be quoted for. The below starting price is for 4 covers.

    Get a quote » Starts from £60

    Digitise your work

    You’ve got a wonderful hand-drawn design, but you want it to be used everywhere. Within reason, I can digitise your design to be used in any size and location.

    Get a quote » Starts from £100

    Graphic Design

    Prices starting from £60

    This service is provided and quoted against your specifications. We can design anything from business cards, letterheads, flyers,  web graphics, books and full exhibition materials.

    Get a quote » Starts from £100


    Teaching Tech

    Power Hour

    You get an hour of my undivided attention to help you achieve your DIY website goals, with reviews and training.

      One on One Training

      I help you either in person or via screencast to teach you what your wanting to learn about wordpress. 

        Get a quote » Starts from £50

        Wordpress With Me

        This is a live event where upto 5 website owners all work together on our websites, asking the group for opinions and I’m the resident on call expert for the duration. 

        This is a 4 hour session done either in person or via Zoom call. 

          Get a quote » Starts from £50


          Branding & Stories

          Personal Branding

          You are trying to promote yourself and your business to your audience .. but you don’t have photos of you being yourself or of you in your business. This is the service for you.

          This is a two hour photoshoot with approximately 15 to 20 photographs.

            Get a quote » Starts from £350


            This is a shoot allowing you to tell mulitple stories on your blog, social media and for print marketing. This is a series of photographs scripted specifically for you.

            This is a half day shoot with approximately 40 images.

              Get a quote » Starts from £550

              Why not use all of our services to have a

              Full Business Launch Package

              stand out and be great online

              This package includes everything we do here at The Heart’s Design.

              Why have several freelancers do individual services and struggle to collaborate?   When you work with me, you get several skills sets that combine together.

              This means I’ll craft you online business to fit the vision you have. That every element from branding, graphics, website, photography for marketing all works for both; you AND your customer. Remember, my customer is actually, your customer.

              What you’ll receive is:

              • A bespoke wordpress website designed & built just for you.
              • Full security and backup systems for your website.
              • Full branding & identity design.
              • All your graphic design marketing needs crafted.
              • All social media linked and branded.
              • Personalised screen capture training to watch as often as you like.
              • In addition you’ll be photographed specifically to fit your website & other print needs..
              Get a quote » Starts from £2000
              THD Services FullBrandLaunchSideDesk
              THD BroadcastMegaphone

              Want to DIY your own website but you’re feeling stuck, or want to get some advice on what would be good to do next?

              Then my Power Hour is for you.

              The way I work


              This is the discovery and consultation phase, we need to understand you and your business to help craft your online  presence.


              Working on Skype or in person, I will create concept pieces that quickly design your branding / graphics / website design.


              The design specs written during the scope phase will be followed and all functionality built in to the website. 



              The final tweaks to the website are done at this point. Your brand guide will be generated  & your graphics delivered.


              Your site goes live, you tell the world and we give two weeks post launch support for any questions / extra training.

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              Foundations for a standout website


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