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Monday, 20th April 2020

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You know you want a website, you want a great looking website design and for it function well .. but what now? What does domain mean and do I need hosting? Oh god, there are two forms of WordPress?! How the heck do I know which one I need?

First of all *breathe* .. don’t panic, I’ve written you an ebook that I wish I’d had for me right at the beginning of building websites. The internet has changed a lot since I started learning about websites and how the internet is built of millions of little spaces sharing info. That was 20 years go when I started learning the bits and pieces.

If I was to start from scratch now, what I’ve written in this ebook is exactly what I would want want to know.

THD ebook websitefoundationbasics free

In this ebook called Websites – The Foundation Basics (that title is so SO imaginative I know), this is what you’ll learn:

  • What a website is and can do for you
  • The difference between a website & a blog (or is there a difference)
  • What tech lingo means:
    • Domain
    • Hosting
    • WordPress
    • Plugins
    • Themes
  • Content – who writes the meat of your website
  • Emails – do you want to look & be professional
  • How to buy and get your website.

Plus a bonus tip of how to work with your designers, if you decide you don’t have hours and hours to learn all the stuffs and just want it built already! I’ve already done the 10,000 hours to be good at this so I’m ready to help you.

Get the free ebook to learn what I consider
essential to know about websites.

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